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Resilience in the face of climate change will drive much of the work we do in the coming years. But are we clear about what we mean by the term ‘resilience’? Steve Maslen, our Head of Environment and Sustainability, and Peter May, our Head of Resilience and Water Management, reflect on what resilience means to us at JBA and launch our new animation exploring our simple framework for the steps we all need to take in our pursuit of climate resilience.

The next 5 years will witness significant shifts in the way we must adapt to the threat and impacts of climate change. This will require urgent action to build community and environmental resilience. At JBA, our ambition is to lead the way in providing innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions to address the climate challenges we face.

This immediately raises the question though “What does resilience actually mean?”. Resilience has moved up the political and social agenda and we hear the term every day, used in so many different ways – whether it’s corporate, health, financial or operational resilience – but often with uncertain and conflicting meanings.

We have therefore identified the need for a clear description of what resilience means to us at JBA. And the need to develop a common understanding that we can all relate to; a description that would relate to our clients and highlight how we can help them plan to become more resilient.

Of the numerous definitions of resilience, perhaps the simplest is the ability to cope and recover from a shock or impact. This might be from major events such as war or the COVID-19 pandemic, or it could be from challenging life events. Either way, resilience describes the capacity to withstand adversity and recover quickly from difficulties. In that respect, our focus is clearly targeting the ability to cope and recover from the challenging impacts arising from climate change.

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Importantly for us, we wanted to create a context for adaptation and response to the impacts of rising sea levels, more extreme weather, and more frequent and severe floods and droughts.

This led to the development of a simple model to describe the steps in pursuing resilience – just four stages that include AWARE – ADAPT – RESPOND – RECOVER. The model provides a framework for building resilience to climate change and will guide how we support clients to cope, adapt and recover from the impacts. To bring this framework to life, and help us all communicate collectively the urgent need to build resilience, we’ve produced an original and engaging animation.

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Our skills and experience make JBA a natural partner and a leading provider of the complete range of services needed to support communities, businesses and organisations to become more resilient and adapt to the effects of climate change.

For more information, please contact Peter May or Steve Maslen.

Sustainability and resilience – at the heart of everything we do.

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