JBA hires senior consultant for IEMA EIA Quality Mark development

Mark Cope has joined us as a senior/principal EIA Consultant from AECOM Infrastructure & Environment, where he worked on coordinating Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) from the Chesterfield in Derbyshire for the past ten years.

In that time, Mark worked on over 50 development projects; ranging in scale from small flood alleviation schemes, to modest town centre redevelopments, to nationally significant motorway improvement schemes.

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A full member of IEMA, Chartered Environmentalist, and Registered EIA Practitioner, Mark will be working with colleagues to achieve the IEMA EIA Quality Mark accreditation for the organisation.

As part of our Environment Team, who have experience of working with a range of private and public sector clients, Mark will be based in the Newport Office in South Wales.

Although he has been brought into the team to provide specialist EIA advise on projects relating mainly to the water environment, Mark will also be providing environmental support across a range of sectors.

Central to his role will be to develop close connections between the Environment Team and other specialist environmental assessment teams across the company.

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Mark takes a keen interest in the Geological Society of London History of Geology Group Research Group, and has recently had a paper published in the Proceedings of the Geological Association entitled Derbyshire Geodiversity, Historical Geotourism and the ‘Geocommercialisation’ of Tourists:  Setting the Context of the Castleton Blue John Stone Industry. This research considers the historical and present day significance of the geology related commercialisation of tourism using the example of the Blue John Stone industry.

Speleology is another of Mark’s interests, particularly relating to cave conservation and exploration for new caves. A picture of spectacular speleothems in a cave Mark recently discovered in Derbyshire is included below.

Want to know more?

You can contact Mark directly to speak more about our IEMA EIA Quality Mark accreditation goals.

Our environment pages also highlight the specific ways our teams can assist you with projects.

Mark Cope JBA     JBA Cave speleothems

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