JBA features in the latest edition of the Climate Change Business Journal

This quarter’s special edition of the Climate Change Business Journal focusing on the adaptation and resiliency segment of the Climate Change Industry features an interview with our lead consultants for climate science (Murray Dale) and climate resilience (Rachel Brisley).

The Climate Change Business Journal (CCBJ) is a subscription publication from Environmental Business International that provides an analysis of markets and business opportunities for the project management and technology development community in the US and globally.  It focuses on: climate change consulting, renewable energy, smart-grid and energy storage, transportation, energy efficiency and demand response, green building and climate change adaptation.

You can read the full article here

Key issues highlighted in the article

  • Our continued work supporting the UK Committee on Climate Change including preparation for UK CCRA3
  • Successful delivery of World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development climate change and disaster risk management focused contracts in India, Tanzania, Suriname, Moldova, Panama, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Innovative approaches includes JBA Risk Management’s climate change modelling pioneering approach helping UK insurers build climate resilience and our ground breaking research into how high intensity rainfall is likely to change in the future
  • Key projects such as improving the resilience of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor in India for the World Bank.  Working with SECOM we have combined our expertise in meteorology and rail resilience with an understanding of the needs of the railway operators for the first time in India.  Closer to home, we advised Network Rail on the use of emissions scenarios building on our knowledge of climate impacts, our role in the new UKCP18 climate scenarios and our long association with Network Rail and the railway industry.

In the article, we also set out our understanding of the climate resilience market and the direction this may take in the future.  Adaptation has often been seen as the poor relation to climate change mitigation and with the increasing recognition that the climate has already changed and will continue to change even if greenhouse gas emissions are radically cut, more organisations and sectors are looking at how to adapt – in the UK, the US and globally.  Sharing experiences between countries as well as sectors, capacity-building and disaster risk management, particularly in developing countries, and the need for ambitious targets supported by robust regulation are all essential to help address the global challenges that climate change will inevitably bring.

Want to know more?

You can email our lead consultants for climate science, Murray Dale, and Climate Resilience, Rachel Brisley. Alternatively you can visit our climate resilience webpages.

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