JBA Consulting has been awarded funding by the First of a Kind 2020 Rail Innovation Programme

The award will fund the development of a surface water flood forecasting and early warning system for Network Rail, to support optimised rail network operations and maintenance through a real-time decision support system.

This first of a kind (FoaK) system will use the best available rainfall forecast data that can resolve the type of rain that creates very intense, often short duration rainfall events, known as convective rainfall cells. It also has a method of managing the uncertainty in the rainfall forecasts. This information is provided ahead of the events occurring, across the rail network, indicating which assets may be partially or fully compromised and identifying if failure may be expected, and if inspection or maintenance is required.

This system will enable proactive flood management, to reduce the overall impacts experienced by operators, maintainers and users of the national network.

Users of the system will benefit from asset-specific surface water flood information, alerts and warnings, in addition to visualising surface water flood information in map format

Andrew Gubbin, Director at JBA Consulting told us.

This provides a unique and exciting opportunity to create a decision support system to help develop a more sustainable and reliable rail network.

The FoaK 2020 Rail Innovation programme, funded by the Department for Transport and delivered by Innovate UK in partnership with the Knowledge Transfer Network, has awarded £9.4 million in funding to 25 outstanding projects that will make railways cleaner, greener and more passenger friendly.

We are excited to commence our development work for this project, and to deliver a first of a kind decision support system for a more reliable and resilient rail network.

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Email Andrew Gubbin for more information about this project and the funding award.

You can find more details about the results of the competition here: SBRI Rail Demonstrations – First of a Kind 2020

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