Our Coastal Engineers discuss the design and management of coastal defence structures

Our Coastal Engineers Dan Rodger and Alec Dane have enjoyed a week of sun, surf and classrooms at Barmouth, West Wales, as they deliver coastal design and coastal asset management training.

The week focussed on the design of coastal structures and featured the JBA Trust demonstration wave tank to observe structures performance, before going on-site to assess seawalls, rock armour and groynes.

Dan Rodger, team leader for coastal processes, considers coastal defences as some of the hardest infrastructure to design and manage.  “These defences are designed to protect against wave overtopping and erosion, and are an important part of coastal risk management. Their design needs to consider a wide range of processes and can include both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ materials.  Once designed they are exposed to a highly variable environment, extreme weather, and can have an operational life 100 years, or beyond.  Maintaining historic defences such as seawalls, as well as designing new, more environmentally friendly options like beach recharge schemes is a challenge for all coastal engineers and asset managers.”

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If you would like to know more about our training course programme or the bespoke training courses we provide please contact Felicity Clarke, Training Coordinator.

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