JBA Bentley projects win three Green Apple Awards 2021

Its been another exciting and successful year for our colleagues at JBA Bentley. From low-carbon solutions within flood risk management projects and engaging the next generation of potential engineers to be inspired by STEM, to industry recognition for innovative carbon-saving solutions and environmental outcomes within key projects.

Tony Moran, Associate Director has been telling us about three JBA Bentley projects that have recently won three prestigious Green Apple Awards 2021.

   GOLD for South Ferriby flood alleviation scheme
GOLD for Bentley Ings pumping station project
 SILVER for works on the River Sheaf in Sheffield

The Green Apple 2021 awards are judged around the environmental benefit that the projects provide. Our three schemes, all for the Environment Agency, have demonstrated carbon reduction, habitat improvements, social and economic benefits to the community and innovation. The judges were also looking for the commitment of personnel on the project to achieve the environmental and sustainability outcomes.

I’m delighted to share summaries of the key project achievements in relation to the award criteria.

Tony Moran, Associate Director

Bentley Ings Pumping Station: Protecting 1,669 properties from flooding in Doncaster

Bentley Ings pumping stationJBA Bentley is proud of what we have achieved at Bentley Ings. Our low-carbon innovative solution reuses most of the existing infrastructure whilst still boosting pumping capacity by 20%, providing critical added resilience against flooding.

The project:

  • Has reduced capital carbon by 60%, when compared to the carbon baseline – achieved largely through the reuse of existing assets and infrastructure on site, as opposed to a wholesale re-build
  • Was delivered with an exemplary safety record: the team worked over 175,000 hours without a single reportable, lost-time or medical-treatment injury
  • Helped develop our apprentices: Adam Noble, 3D CAD technician – and Danny Johnson, site engineer – played important roles
  • Impacts as little as possible on the existing environment. As well as reusing existing infrastructure, it made use of existing embankments for new emergency access, and we planted new trees and hedgerows to enhance the natural environment.
  • Re-lined rather than replacing an existing inlet culvert saving almost 500 t CO2e
  • Saved 77% carbon from baseline by re-designing the causeway culverts

You can find out more about Bentley Ings pumping station on the JBA Bentley webpage and Water Projects Online.

Sheaf Screen, Sheffield

Sheaf Screen, SheffieldThe project involved replacing an existing debris screen that had to be inspected and manually cleared, with an automated screen to reduce the risk of flooding in Sheffield city centre.

The project team achieved significant carbon savings, over 700 t CO2e, and delivered improvements to the natural and aquatic environment along the river, enhancing the environment and local community.

The carbon savings came primarily from:

  • Re-use of legato blocks from another JBA Bentley project at South Ferriby, meaning a reduction in transport and eliminating any carbon cost for materials all together, resulting in a carbon saving of 89% (or 18.5 t CO2e)
  • Maintaining the existing channel bed rather than constructing a new concrete channel through detailed hydraulic flood modelling, saving 95% (or 655 t CO2e)
  • Opting for an automatic grab, instead of traditional manual for cleaning which reduced the number of maintenance site visits required when compared with the existing arrangement, resulting in a carbon saving of 96% (or 50.5 t C02e)

Environmental improvements included:

  • Improved fish movement via a fish pass, providing passage for Brown Trout and other coarse fish along the River Sheaf
  • Improvements to biodiversity and local environment through removal of invasive species and additional tree planting

Community benefits:

  • Our work on the ‘River Sheaf Walk’ have provided a cleaner and safer riverside footpath

You can find out more about the Sheffield Sheaf Screen project on the JBA Bentley webpage.

Winteringham Ings to South Ferriby FAS: Protecting 129 properties from coastal flooding

We designed and constructed 2.5km of flood embankments (using material from the Cemex works in the village as the primary material), 350m of flood walls and a 13m wide sliding floodgate across the A1077.

Working with the Cemex plant in the village we secured 240,000t of free issue material to build the flood banks.

In addition to the Green Apple Award nomination, we won the esteemed Linda Grant Health and Safety Award from the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) in Yorkshire and Humber, and a Considerate Constructures Certificate of Excellence.

The key environmental benefits from the award submission were:

  • 10,000 t CO2e saved by using locally won material for flood banks – 1 million road miles avoided.
  • Water vole habitat created, and the works timed to avoid Daubenton’s bat maternity roost impacts.
  • Engaging with local schools regarding the works and STEM opportunities
  • Wider community engagement events including bi-weekly updates for the Parish Council

Want to know more?

JBA-Bentley is a joint venture between JN Bentley and Jeremy Benn Associates (JBA), established in 2013. The partnership brings together the specialist skills and expertise of the two firms: JN Bentley as a civil engineering contractor, and us (JBA Consulting) as a water and environmental consultant and designer. You can follow all the latest news and project successes over on the website: JBA Bentley | Design and build contractor (jba-bentley.co.uk)

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