JBA awarded place on CivTech Accelerator programme for standout innovations

Members across multiple of our teams will be taking part in a 15-week programme to fast-track the development of innovative software and survey methods to detect underwater beaver burrows.

We’re excited to be taking part in the CivTech Accelerator programme in partnership with Storm Geomatics, which launched on Monday 3 October.

The Scottish Government funded 15-week programme aims to fast-track the development of a selection of standout innovations, designed to solve real problems faced by government departments, public sector organisations and charities.

Covering themes such as empowering communities, tackling environmental problems and improving transport infrastructure, the programme is split into 13 different challenges.

Having been chosen as the winning applicants for Challenge 7.1, our team will now spend the next 15 weeks developing innovative software and survey methods to help detect beaver burrows in the wild and assess their associated risks to public and private interests.

Working alongside a team from Storm Geomatics we will collect high density underwater geospatial data, which will be used to map locations of potentially problematic burrows. This information will be combined with above water beaver survey results collected through a field application, into a web-based mapping and data management system, with the ultimate solution of a better decision-making method.

Having been selected from the CivTech Exploration stage, we are thrilled to be now working on bringing our innovative proposal to reality. CivTech is so much more than just a tech solution programme. It looks at all aspects of successfully bringing a product innovation to market and provides mentoring and support along the way. We see this as a huge opportunity. Robbie Cowan, Technical Director JBA Consulting

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More information about the CivTech Accelerator programme can be found here, or for more on our involvement please contact Robbie Cowan.

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