JBA awarded EIA Quality Mark

JBA IEMA EIA logoWe are pleased to announce we have been accepted by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) as an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Quality Mark Organisation. EIA Quality Mark is a voluntary scheme, operated by IEMA, through which EIA activity is independently reviewed to ensure it delivers excellence in the
following areas:

  • EIA Management
  • EIA Team Capabilities
  • EIA Regulatory Compliance
  • EIA Context & Influence
  • EIA Content
  • EIA Presentation
  • Improving EIA practice

There are several key benefits of EIA Quality Mark to us and our clients, including assurance that the quality of our Environmental Statements is independently verified.

JBA and Environmental Impact Assessments

We have coordinated and undertaken numerous statutory EIA’s for a variety of clients for over 20 years. Our EIA client base is wide and includes a range of public and private sector organisations in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere.

Much of our EIA work relates to our core business of flood risk management, however, we also have EIA expertise in other infrastructure development sectors such as coastal and maritime infrastructure, water supply and renewable energy. We have in place a team of highly competent experts, supported by quality management processes to deliver the highest quality Environmental Statements for our clients.

What you can expect from us

We recognise that our clients are increasingly faced with a complex array of environmental consenting requirements on large infrastructure development projects. We have therefore made it our business to standardise and simplify these requirements. EIA is widely recognised as delivering valuable and accessible environmental information that positively influences development projects. However, it is also becoming increasingly recognised that to deliver this benefit it also needs to be proportionate. We take a proactive approach to stakeholder engagement, as this ensures that our impact assessments are not unnecessarily precautionary.

Taking a narrative based approach to the reporting of environmental information we strive for EIA’s to be open, transparent and accessible, recognising that our advice not just influences our client’s decisions, but also the local community and the consenting authorities. We believe that everyone stands to benefit from our personal, responsive and proportionate approach to EIA that characterise our wider business.

Want to know more?

Email Mark Cope for more information on Environmental Impact Assessments. You can also find out more on our EIA
web page

Click here to read the IEMA guidance on Commissioning Environmental Impact Assessments.

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