Introducing our first Sustainability Champions

Get to know JBA’s new Sustainability Champions and discover their top tips for living and working sustainably.

To support our ambition of achieving Net Zero status we’re determined to make JBA a more sustainable place to work – and key to that ambition are our newly appointed Sustainability Champions.

Representing our teams and offices across the UK and Ireland, our five Sustainability Champions will be taking on this newly created role to ensure our offices and everyday working practices are as sustainable as possible.

A key part of their role will also be to promote good practices more widely, so that we can apply positive initiatives both at work and at home. But what are their top tips for living and working sustainably?

JBA Sustainability Champions

Ashleigh Massam, Sustainability Champion covering Skipton Broughton Park

“Read books or articles and listen to podcasts! I try to challenge myself to make one sustainable switch per month! Banish single-use plastics from your daily habits (cling film – I’m looking at you!). We won’t solve the climate crisis as individuals, but we can contribute to trends that ultimately encourage companies to be more sustainable.”


Sabrina Sidhu, Sustainability Champion covering Dublin, Limerick, Saltaire, Tadcaster

“Balance is important – try not to be too harsh on yourself (or too relaxed). Any change/reduction is a start and makes a difference long-term. From this we can advocate for change collectively from companies and the government.”


Alice Gent, Sustainability Champion covering Edinburgh, Newcastle, Warrington

“Do something, no matter how small it may seem! A recent book by Dr. Tara Shine (‘How to save your planet one object at a time’) notes that we need both top-down and bottom-up solutions to address sustainability – whilst only boiling the water you need rather than a full kettle won’t solve the world’s environmental issues, each person making small changes does matter and will make a difference.”



Karen Elliott, Sustainability Champion covering Doncaster, Leeds, Peterborough, Tadcaster

“See what you can do at home and in the office that could have positive impacts and reduces your carbon footprint – you’d be surprised how something small and simple that doesn’t require much time can make a difference!”


Hopcyn Matthews, Sustainability Champion covering Coleshill, Exeter, Haywards Heath, Newport, Wallingford

“Creating a food plan with seasonal recipes for the week. This will minimise food waste, encourage buying locally, and hopefully encourage you to grow your own where possible.”


Want to know more?

For more information on our commitment to sustainability and achieving Net Zero status visit our blog or email David Revill.


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