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We have 450 staff and 21 offices in 9 countries around the world. Our international work has led us to have a local presence in south-east Asia and Australia.

Our work involves addressing the needs of government and business in understanding and addressing future engineering challenges associated with climate change adaptation and disaster risk management. We also focus on capacity building to enable countries to build their skill sets.

Tamsin Jones has recently joined the Mekong Modelling Associates (MMA) team on a two-month internship. Below, she gives us an account of her first week in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Projects at MMA

Having just finished a Masters in Flood Risk Management, MMA is a chance for me to get invaluable hands on experience in hydrology and hydrodynamic modelling. It’s been an amazing first week and I’ve even learnt how to navigate the craziness that is Cambodian rush hour.

I have begun working on a section of work alongside the Mekong River Commission. This involves using the ISIS model to simulate changes in the lower floodplains of the Mekong. Finalisation of these different scenarios of changes has been achieved so that model simulations can be run. Another project, which runs in conjunction, is looking at changes in flows using model simulated data. Statistical analysis and Flood Frequency Analysis of max peak flow and volumes over wet seasons allows us to understand flood behavior for the Mekong and its tributaries.

It’s great being able to work and gain expertise and use tools from the rest of the JBA team, as well as from Anthony Green the permanent member at MMA. Understanding the difficulties in modelling and data collection out here, and looking at ways to solve these issues, is something I will take with me in my career. Being able to get stuck in with the work so quickly has allowed me to gain so much experience and knowledge in such a short time which I’m sure will continue in the upcoming weeks.

Life in Cambodia

Having previously stayed in Phnom Penh in 2015 the first thing that struck me on my return was how quickly the country is developing. Areas of the city are almost unrecognizable with construction happening across the city. This change is something which affects the behavior and nature of the Mekong and the flood protection implemented in the future.

In my first week, I have joined a local Khmer language class. Locals teach you some phrases over some food and a drink, which helps with trying to bargain tuk-tuks home after. I took part in a bike ride around Silk Island which is situated on the Mekong River. I’ve also joined a local climbing club and am on the lookout for a football club too. I am hoping to explore what Cambodia has to offer over the upcoming weeks after a very happy start here.

Want to know more?

You can email Tamsin or Anthony to find out more about Tamsin’s internship. You can also visit the Mekong Modelling Associates website to find out more about our international work.

If you are a student yourself and are looking for your next opportunity, visit our Graduate Recruitment web pages for more information on our 2018 application round. Applications for graduate positions in our Engineering disciplines opened on Wednesday 11 October and will close on Monday 6 November.

Our Water Management/Geoscience, Environmental Management and Software/Systems Development disciplines will open on Monday 13 November, with interviews and appointments following in the New Year.

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