Incident Management Training and Exercising Framework success

We are very pleased to announce that we have been successfully appointed to both Lot 1 and Lot 2 of the Environment Agency’s Incident Management Training and Exercising Framework.

“Winning this framework will provide exciting new opportunities and we look forward to working with our consortium partners on the framework for the next four years” commented Peter May, Associate Director and Head of Flood Resilience.

JBA 4 Resilience

JBA 4 Resilience Consortium
JBA 4 Resilience Consortium

As part of the bid, we developed our consortium called ‘JBA 4 Resilience’ which comprises of JBA, Training 4 Resilience, Crown Media, NSC and Waves Training Solutions. We will work together to deliver the incident management framework with the following split:

For Lot 1 our consortium is one of two suppliers and for Lot 2 we are the sole supplier.

Lot 1 covers training and involves the:

  1. Design and delivery of bespoke training to build knowledge, skills and capabilities
  2. Development of materials to support new ways of working and new tools as they develop
  3. Consultancy in relation to training development and delivery.

Lot 2 covers exercising in the form of:

  1. Design and develop exercising material to maintain levels of preparedness
  2. Facilitation
  3. Consultancy in relation to exercising development and delivery.
JBA Flood Preparedness Cycle
Flood Preparedness Cycle

The aim of exercises is to test communication routes and information flow during a major incident. Objectives frequently aim to test communication routes between Strategic, Tactical and Operational roles during a major incident and to ensure information is passed effectively and in a timely manner to decision makers.

Preparedness cycle

Our approach to incident management is underpinned by our Preparedness Cycle, and we recognise the importance of reviewing and evaluating the response of participants to aid continuous development.

Want to know more?

Email Peter May for more information on the Incident Management Training and Exercising Framework and the ‘JBA 4 Resilience’ consortium. You can also find out more on our flood resilience web pages.

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