ICE Professional Reviewer Training

Graham Kenn, Technical Director for Coastal, Maritime and River Engineering, recently attended training, alongside 12 other new recruits, to become an Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) professional reviewer.

As a chartered civil engineer with over eighteen years’ consultancy experience, Graham is a great fit to help pass on his experience to younger members of the civil engineering community. ICE Reviewers assess candidates who want to become professional qualified members of the Institution of Civil Engineers and encourage high standards in the profession.

Becoming an ICE Professional reviewer

Training started with an evening briefing attended by all reviewers who were due to undertake reviews the following day, and the new recruits that would be accompanying them.

Giving everybody the chance to feedback on recent experiences, the session gave time to discuss suggestions for improving the process. The big discussion area was whether the written exercise should be moved from after the interview to prior to the interview, thus allowing reviewers to take this information into account during the interview.

The briefing was followed by a sit-down meal and a glass of wine or two which was a great opportunity to meet fellow reviewers and get some ‘hints and tips’!

Classroom based, the training day itself was very interactive discussing the expectations around all the nine attributes and how to conduct the review itself. It also included sitting in on a live review.

“It was quite a strange experience being on the other side of the table and I certainly felt the nervous energy in the room, with the added pressure of all the portraits of esteemed engineers from history staring down at you!” commented Graham.

Ultimately, reviewers are being trained to determine whether a candidate passes or fails by answering the question – ‘Would this candidate when in a position of responsibility, now or in the near future, make the right decision?’

Graham will undertake his first live review in Spring 2019 under the watchful eye of a Lead Reviewer.

Want to know more?

Email Graham for more information on his professional reviewer training. You can also find out more about our engineering work on our engineering web pages.

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