Hydroelectric power scheme at Garnetts Mill in Otley

We are about to complete inputs on a project that involved producing the detailed structural design of a hydroelectric power scheme at Garnett’s Mill on the River Wharfe at Otley.

JBA staff, along with support from ANF Consulting, provided project management support, structural engineering and construction stage site supervision services over a 20 month period. This work enabled the construction of a scheme that consists of two Archimedes screw turbines which are predicted to generate 1,300 megawatt hours of energy per year.

To facilitate the upstream migration of fish, the scheme also consists of a 1.8m wide Larinier fish pass adjacent to the right bank plus an easement bolted to the face of the weir adjacent to the opposite bank.

We can help if you need assistance with the design and construction of a hydroelectric power scheme. Simply contact Jon Whitmore or for more details on this specific project please contact Stephen Farrar.

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