High Park Foot Solar Farm


If your project involves a site where trees could affect the development you are likely to require specific tree and construction related skills.

We worked with Elgin Energy EsCo Ltd on their High Park Solar Farm project in Carlisle, Cumbria. As part of a planning application for the construction of the solar farm, it was necessary to understand how this might potentially affect the trees and woodland adjacent to the site.


To ascertain the potential effects on the woodland we:

  • Undertook an Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA)
  • Undertook a Preliminary Ecological Assessment (PEA), in parallel with the AIA
  • Made recommendations on how trees should be managed and protected.


  • Reassurance that any tree related issues had been thoroughly examined and any potential effects would be mitigated
  • Elgin Energy could present to the local planning Authority a clear plan to conserve the trees onsite
  • Ensuring the development would have no adverse effects on surrounding woodland.

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