Helping communities to be better prepared for flooding

For communities at risk of flooding, property level flood protection (PLP) measures provide cost-effective and easy-to-implement tools for homeowners. Allowing them to manage their flood risk more effectively. Measures such as flood barriers (and flood doors), automatic airbricks, pumps and non-return valves mean that residents don’t simply have to rely on largely ineffective sandbags. Importantly it helps to also bring local communities together to engage and better manage their flood risk.

Four stages of PLP schemes

  1. Independent Appraisal – defining who is eligible and undertaking flood risk surveys to identify options
  2. Product Selection – with a supplier, residents select and agree on products
  3. Installation of Measures – installation of approved Kitemarked products, with homeowner training
  4. Aftercare – measures are audited, local community flood plans are updated and emergency exercises are held.

A local emergency flood plan allows individuals and families to manage their preparedness, response and recovery in a coordinated manner.  It helps to formalise arrangements, such as the available local resources, and the network of community contacts. Flood preparedness is an important part of emergency planning, and so the plans need to be regularly rehearsed and exercised.

Want to know more?

For more information, please contact Phil Emonson or Howard Keeble.

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