Help is on hand for flood-hit communities

Homeowners and businesses are once again counting the cost and trying to come to terms with the devastation, stress and damage from flooding, caused by the recent Storms Ciara and Dennis. And this follows the widespread severe flooding across Yorkshire in November 2019. Once again people’s furniture and possessions are piled up on pavements while businesses count the cost from the disruption as the recovery process and insurance claims begin. One can only imagine the human cost and the stress on families and communities and all our thoughts are with everyone affected.
JBA Helping communities move forward after Storm Desmond

Property Flood Resilience Scheme Grants

As part of the response to the latest flooding, the Government has announced that Property Flood Resilience Scheme grants of up to £5,000 will be made available through local authorities in England.  These will help affected homes and businesses to become more resilient to flooding, by helping to pay for a range of property improvements. These can help towards the additional cost of resilient adaptation (such as waterproof plaster and raised electrics) to ‘build back better’ as part of the recovery process; or the grants can fund professional flood risk surveys that inform the contractor’s design and installation of approved and effective flood resistance measures (such as flood doors, barriers and pumps) that limit water entry and damage from water in the future.  A far more effective option than sandbags!

Property flood resilience (PFR) is an important and cost-effective part of our response to both existing flood risk and increasing future flood risk as a result of climate change. It provides an innovative way to reduce the risks to people and property enabling homeowners and businesses to reduce damage in the event of flooding, speed up recovery and potentially obtain insurance cover more easily and affordably.

The Grant guidance highlights how the selection of the most appropriate measures to limit damage should be informed by professional flood risk assessment, survey and advice, independent of product manufacturers.  Experience has shown that this ensures that the options selected are appropriate for each property, community, homeowner, or business, as well as the nature of the likely flooding – improving flood resilience and providing peace of mind for the future.

We can help provide the all-important independent assessment of flood risk, as well as carry out post-installation audits of works completed by contractors.  We are appointed to the Environment Agency’s National PFR Framework, providing expert, independent property flood risk surveys for Environment Agency and Local Authority coordinated community schemes. During the recovery from Storm Desmond in 2015, we supported over 400 homeowners who applied for the PFR Recovery Grant with such independent property flood risk assessments, surveys and reports, working in partnership with local authorities and residents’ groups.

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And obtain further information on PFR and a free outline report for your property using JBA’s Property Protection Advisor.

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