HEC-RAS: It does so much!

In the build up to our European HEC Software Workshop, we’re running a series on how we use the software here at JBA and the many different features we can use in our projects.

First up Adam Westhead, Hydraulic Modeller, shares his thoughts.

How do you use the HEC software?

I use it for fluvial flood mapping, most recently for lowland pumped catchment areas.

Why do you choose to use it over other software?

HEC-RAS is a first rate computational fluvial modelling package with an excellent visual user interface. The software is also freely available, which allows clients to download the software and use the models themselves after the consultant has supplied the model to them.

What are your favourite features?

There are a few:

  • The ability to have multiple 2D domains nested within one model, which can each be set with different cell resolutions.
  • The ability to manipulate the 2D model schematisation within the software package itself, rather than relying fully on external GIS software, makes its use very slick and efficient to use.
  • HEC-RAS makes full use of the resolution of the underlying Digital Elevation Map, regardless of the cell resolution used in the 2D domain. This is because it pre-processes the elevation/flow area relationship along each 2D cell boundary.
  • You have control of the boundaries between the 1D and 2D domains with the use of lateral spills, which can easily be manipulated within the software. This brings clarity to the interaction between the domains and the model result can be interrogated easily within the software.

What interesting projects have you used it on?

I recently modelled the entire drainage system managed by an Internal Drainage Board. The total length of the drain modelled is in excess of 300km. Never before have the Board had the ability to understand, in such detail, the movement of water throughout the systems and more significantly, been able to quantify this.

Want to know more?

Join us in London on 25-27 July for our European HEC Software Workshop.

You can buy tickets for just the one day workshop or just the two-day course. Better still, why not join us for both the workshop and the course and immerse yourself in the world of HEC-RAS.

The HEC-RAS software developers are coming over from Hydrologic Engineering Center, giving you the best insight possible into how this software could benefit your projects going forward.

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