Heather Norton presents on ForeCoast® Marine

Heather Norton, Software Developer, presented on ForeCoast® Marine at the CodeMill Digital Skills event, which aims to promote digital skills for the connected world.

Introducing the field of marine energy to the attendees, Heather briefly explained how offshore wind farm developers are using our software to try out new strategies in a virtual world, which are resulting in better decisions and cheaper clean energy.

“It is rare to see presentations about STEM topics that don’t assume ‘basic’ technical knowledge within the audience. We still have a long way to go before digital skills are truly accessible to everyone, and I just hope that my talk encouraged a few more people to start coding” commented Heather.

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With her recent experiences in scaling up the software to look at the impacts of climate change all over Europe, Heather shared and explained how massive computer programs are acting as ‘crystal balls’ to locate vulnerable people, ecosystems, and industries so that we can mitigate against the impacts of climate change long into the future.

A lively discussion was sparked about global warming, new technologies in offshore wind power, and the process by which software like ForeCoast® Marine is created. One thing that sets this technology apart is the time that its software developers spend speaking to offshore wind farm developers, capturing in precise detail the decisions that make up their working days. This allows the software to present ‘real’ answers about what happens when things don’t go according to plan.

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Email Heather Norton for more information on her presentation. You can also find out more on our systems, software and data web pages or our metocean risk management web page where you can read case studies about ForeCoast® Marine in action.

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