Our Graduate Scheme and office rotation opportunities

Our Graduate Scheme is a bespoke two-year in-house development programme aimed at providing a comprehensive foundation for your future career with us. It gives you the opportunity to learn about different facets of our business, to work with a wide range of staff and, where appropriate, to try different disciplines first-hand.

Depending on your interests and preferences, you may wish to undertake one or more six-month placements within different teams to broaden exposure to different work streams. For example, if you’re joining as a graduate in water management disciplines, a rotation might include placements in teams working on fluvial flood modelling, coastal flood management and water resource hydrology projects.

Our colleague Kirstie Murphy has been telling us about the experience of office rotations as part of the Graduate Scheme.

JBA Consulting offers the opportunity to rotate to a different office and team as part of the graduate scheme. I decided to embrace this opportunity to gain experience in a different area of flooding and water management, while still in the early stages of my career. I believe it is a great way to increase exposure to different areas of work, before selecting an area to specialise. For the first rotation, I was part of the team in the Wallingford office. Here I developed skills in strategic flood risk assessments, surface water management and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). The projects varied from local councils to international work in Tanzania, Panama and Dar es Salaam. After working within this team for 9-months, I chose to rotate to the Skipton office and shift my focus to learning skills in hydrology and hydraulics, building on my MSc in Hydrology and Climate Change.

Completing this rotation has been extremely beneficial for my technical and personal development. While building a wealth of skills in different areas of business, from hydrology calculations, hydraulic modelling, GIS work and written assessments, the change in office location has allowed me to work with many different technical minds. I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to learn from a variety of experts across the company, who have a large amount of skills in different specialist areas.

The physical move from the south of England to the north, has enabled me to attend networking events led by different regional branches of professional institutions, specifically the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) and the British Hydrological Society (BHS). Through working with different teams and resource groups, I’ve been exposed to a variety of efficient working practises and have broadened my understanding of the interconnectivity of the different areas of business.


In summary, there are three main reasons why I would encourage completing a rotation:

Involvement in different project work helps to clarify key areas of interest, and where to specialise after the graduate scheme.

The immediate exposure to specialists and team leaders across the company helps to build a network with technical experts.

Different offices have different work practises, which can be amalgamated to develop efficient working habits.

Our warmest thanks to Kirstie Murphy for sharing these insights.

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