Goodbye JBA UK, Hello Jeremy Benn Pacific (JBP) in Australia

After four and a half exciting years with JBA Consulting, I am sad to say Friday 5 August will be my last in the UK.  However, try as he might Jeremy cannot get rid of me that easily. I am pleased to announce that I will be opening our first office in Australia: Jeremy Benn Pacific (JBP), to be based in Brisbane. JBP will be working closely alongside our UK family; JBA Consulting and JBA Risk, and our growing Asia-Pacific offices in Cambodia and Singapore.

It just grew and grew

As I pack up my desk for the last time it is hard not to reminisce about my time at JBA and life in the Yorkshire Dales. It is hard to imagine the initial plans drawn up in 2012 to start a JBA Coastal Processes team would be so successful. Fast forward to 2016 and we’ve completed projects across the UK and are now working alongside teams in Coastal Risk Management, Coastal Engineering, Ports and Harbours, and Marine Renewables. The projects have been amazing – it’s not often you can work on coastal flood warning systems, undertake coastal defence inspections, design new defences, and tidal lagoons – all in the same year.

But it was not all fun and games. Getting used to the Yorkshire weather was challenging, particularly for someone who considered 15 degrees a rather cold day. My pronunciation has improved to the point where I can say Norwich without people laughing, and we won’t mention the way I learned that East Anglia and Anglesey are different places.

I have to thank everyone from EA, NRW, SEPA and Network Rail for giving me the opportunity to visit the majority of the UK coastline; from the Orkneys to Plymouth, and of course my colleagues within the JBA Group for the amazing times.

Want to know more?

For any queries about new coastal processes assessments or training please get in touch with Mark Lawless or get in touch with me at JBP for opportunities in the Pacific – visit, or follow our progress on LinkedIn.

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