Going digital in coastal asset management

Australia’s biennial national coastal management conference, Coast to Coast, kicked off in Hobart, Tasmania on 16 April. Pamela Wong, our colleague at Jeremy Benn Pacific (JBP), is presenting a paper that she has cowritten with Daniel Rodger, JBP’s Managing Director, and Elisa Zavadil from Alluvium Consulting in Melbourne, on AssetCoast®, our Coastal, Estuarine and River Defence (CERD) asset management tool.

JBP using AssetCoast®

Pamela’s talk falls under the Coastal Science and Monitoring session on Thursday 19 at 11.10am in the Harbour View room 1.
The JBP team have used the AssetCoast® system to facilitate data collection within the Douglas Shire Council, Queensland, to support their Coastal Hazard Adaptation Scheme.

Read the full ‘Going digital in coastal asset management’ abstract


Our AssetCoast® system is an innovative award-winning approach to CERD asset management. It integrates a range of digital and mobile app technologies to facilitate efficient flood defence inspections, to evaluate deterioration rates for structures and to prioritise long-term investment strategies for Network Rail and coastal authorities.
Once all data is collected the outputs are presented via a web based interface which includes a series of visualisation tools.
The AssetCoast® approach analyses the effects of waves, tides and surges on rail infrastructure receptors through coastal erosion, wave overtopping and still water level flood risk mechanisms (incorporating the physical condition of the defence). Risks are analysed in the present day and for three future time epochs (2025, 2055, 2115) to aid long term investment planning.


Our asset data collection tool, GISmapp®, is an iOS (iPad/iPhone) location-aware mapping system used by AssetCoast® to collect asset data on site, to guide asset inspections and to manage health and safety risks during site work. It is linked to a centralised web server, syncing data to a web-based mapping application for management and reporting.
Read more about GISmapp

Want to know more?

Email Pamela Wong for more information on her presentation or email Graham Kenn for more information on AssetCoast®. You can also find out more on our marine and coastal risk management web pages.

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