GlenDronach distillery water supply

Location: Huntly, Aberdeenshire                                                                        Client: Brown-Forman


Brown-Forman’s GlenDronach distillery was looking to expand production with corresponding increases in both process and cooling water. We were asked to assist with investigating the existing water supply, inspecting infrastructure and providing options for securing water supply.

The specific challenges were:

· Determining whether there was enough water in the catchment to support the proposed expansion while meeting environmental requirements

· Determining whether the existing infrastructure would be sufficient to support the expansion


GlenDronach distillery water supply (1)In order to answer these questions, we successfully undertook a twin-track approach of desk-based calculations together with field-based asset inspection work, survey and measurement. This considered both cooling water from the Glendronach Burn catchment and process water from shallow wells.

The work included the delivery of the following key tasks:

· Flow duration curve derivation and estimates of abstractable amounts while keeping within Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s (SEPA) Environmental Flow Standards

· Recharge estimates to the shallow wells

· Field measurement of flows and structure dimensions

· Visual inspection of the condition of wells, ponds and pipes


The work concluded that in an average or wet year, sufficient water resources were present to support the expansion and that the existing infrastructure could accommodate this. Recommendations were made for enhancing the security of dry year process water supply and for maintaining the existing water supply infrastructure while meeting appropriate environmental regulations. The distillery is now moving ahead with its expansion.

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