G’day Queensland – A JBP experience

Adrian Kolander, hydraulic modeller based in our Newport office, recently undertook a secondment to JBP in Australia. Below, he tells us more of his experience and how JBP are getting on.

Hi all, I have recently returned from a four-month secondment with our Jeremy Benn Pacific (JBP) team in Brisbane, and am happy to report it was excellent in every way (even the vegemite is better in Aus).

JBP is growing

The office started in October last year, with Dan returning to Australia after five long winters in Yorkshire. In this time JBP has expanded to include Courtney, Locky and Pam, with more Aussies and UK secondees planned in the future.

The JBP team has retained strong links with the JBA family including Consulting, Ireland, Risk Management and Mekong Modelling Associates, making use of the accumulated experience within the group. This is where I came into play.


I joined the Newport office as a hydraulic modeller in 2013 and have since worked on a range of TUFLOW studies. With TUFLOW being the dominating software for hydraulic modelling in Australia (the office is about 500m from Bill Syme himself), Dan thought it best to bring over someone that can work on new projects, and share skills with the office. Needless to say, I thought that was a good idea too.

My secondment started with 300mm of rainfall falling overnight, and a category 4 cyclone for good measure…standard stuff I’m told. However, for a JBA office this means a significant opportunity to promote our capabilities in both coastal and flood risk. Together, with the team from JBA Risk Management, we had developed storm path predictions, and flood extents were made and provided to several clients within 24 hours of the rain falling. Other projects I worked on included a flood assessment for a new telecommunications tower at least 8 hours’ drive from any civilisation, a joint probability assessment for the Brisbane Airport, and support for various others involving economic appraisals, hydrological assessments and hydraulic modelling.

Relationship building

The JBP office is in Brisbane city, boasts 270 sunny days per year (I only saw around ten days of rain) and a typical winter temperature of 20 degrees! They are sharing an office with Opus International, building on the relationships developed in the UK. They somehow managed to get their own wave tank and mini flume which is quite unique in Australia, and have some students working on an augmented reality sandbox.

On my part, I am happy to have contributed to JBP’s success by sharing my knowledge in hydraulic modelling, working with the new team members to build the JBA ethos, and getting stuck in to the thousands of jobs that need to be undertaken when starting a new office. The knowledge I gained in return includes economic appraisals and hydrological assessments, which has helped my personal development and will also contribute to the skills in Newport. In addition, I have learned how to fish, eat a pavlova, apply vegemite correctly, drink cold beer, understand what an ephemeral stream is, and wake up early to escape to exercise before those mid-winter days heat up too much.

Many thanks to the JBP team. Keep writing the script of JBP in the same successful and welcoming way you have been doing. Congrats to all future secondees – you will have a great time at JBP without doubt.

Want to find out more?

Contact Dan Rodger for more information on potential secondments to JBP, or Adrian for further information on his time in Australia. The JBP website also covers more of the work the team are undertaking.

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