Gary Deakin attends the Wales National Flooding Conference

Having obtained a place on my second Wales National Flooding Conference on Tuesday, 7 June in Cardiff, I arrived early at the venue with my surf shorts and body board because I was told that I’d be able to catch a couple of big waves in JBA Trust’s wave tank before the delegates arrived! The tank did produce some great waves, although not big enough for me to ride, that could accurately simulate the effect of various coastal features including beach profiles, sea walls, breakwaters and even how a recurve wall on coastal defences reduces wave overtopping.

A great event

I must say that, even without the surfing opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed the event. There were four themed sessions on Policy, Managing Catchments, Flood Impacts/Modelling and Flood Impacts/Green Infrastructure. The speakers from the Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales, Dr Cymru Welsh Water, Welsh Local Government Association, the Environment Agency and others were all well prepared and informative.

However, I found the presentation by Professor Mark Macklin from Aberystwyth University on palaeoflood techniques and data in Welsh and UK river catchments particularly thought provoking.  He identified that event-based palaeoflood records are now available for all UK upland areas back to 1750 that can be used to inform/support traditional flood frequency analysis that is typically based on less than 50 year-long instrumental flow records in the UK.

The ICE and CIWEM also jointly hosted a poster competition during the event showing work completed by 6 of their talented young members. The poster subject matter related to many aspects of flooding, flood risk management and flood related site work and although there was only 1 trophy winner once again the preparation, detail and design of the posters from all competition entrants should be highly commended.

Want to know more?

If you missed our demonstration wave tank and would like us to come to you then please contact Gary Deakin, or the JBA Trust who work in partnership with universities, schools and other charities. For further information on JBA Trust, please contact Alexandra Scott.

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