Helping you gain a greater understanding of the risk of flooding to a property

Our partnership with Future Climate Info (FCI) allows us to offer Specialist Flood Risk Services, the first next step solutions for flood risk, if an FCI report identifies a further action on flood.

The Report Review (£99 excluding VAT) is one of five services and is an affordable, accessible next step flood risk review, combining readily available desktop analysis and expert advice to assess whether the identified flood risk issue should be of concern or not.

Phillipa Roberts, homebuyer and previous customer of our Specialist Flood Risk Services commented, “You have made something that could have been difficult and time consuming much less so. I’m sure this initiative will prove invaluable
to many.”

Within each Report Review, you can expect;

  • An independent review of the flood data
  • Advice from a Flood Risk Consultant with over 20 years’ experience.

One in six properties are at risk of flooding, so if this is raised as an issue during the buying process then the report review helps you to understand the risk. Enabling you to make an informed decision on the purchase of your property, giving you peace of mind and the confidence that you can progress to the next step in the buying process.

Geoff Offen, Managing Director of FCI, comments on the success of the new services, “With FCI Premium we set the benchmark for best value with one succinct complete product, at the best price with the least time impact on conveyancers. We love innovation, so this time we’re absolutely delighted to provide the first affordable expert Report Review from JBA, the leading flood risk consultants, designed to free up many transactions in high flood risk situations, and focus any additional investigations to only where they’re really needed.”

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For more information please visit the Specialist Flood Risk Services website or email

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