Did you know that we provide a full e-learning design service?

Here at JBA we have a wide range of engaging, practitioner-oriented training courses across environmental and water management topics. But did you know that we also provide a full e-learning design service? Discover how we can help you turn your outline concept for an e-learning course into a bespoke ready-to-go package.

We can work with you and your organisation to help shape your concept for an e-learning course on any environmental or flood management topic, into a bespoke deliverable e-learning package. This could be custom web-based training or a course that is compatible with your own Learning Management System and meets current SCORM standards.

We have recently delivered a diverse range of e-learning programmes covering topics such as Computer-Aided Design, Flood Modelling, Hydrology, Framework Management and Safe Use of Plant Machinery on Riverbanks. Our clients include regulators (the Environment Agency), consultancies and third-sector organisations.

What does the service include?

From content design to roll-out and delivery, we can help with every step. To begin the process, we will work with you to analyse the profile of your target audience and help you draw out your organisational needs and objectives for the learning. As part of our service, we can give you access to industry experts who will provide or guide the technical content of specific topics. We’ll also work with you to create a detailed storyboard, script and supporting digital media.

Did you know that we provide a full e-learning design service?We will design the course format – including tailored interactivity to suit the audience, optimise accessibility and reflect the technical content. This may include online assessments, automated marking and certification, or using a test and badge system to control progression.

We will then build a prototype version for you to test with real learners in your organisation. And before the final roll-out, we can undertake thorough beta testing in your system.

Throughout the process, we undertake QA checks to make sure the course stays true to the agreed learning objectives at all stages of design and development and, as part of our ongoing support, we will provide a manual or instruction guide to help your learners.

Want to know more?

Contact our training coordinator for more information, or you can visit our webpage Training Courses | JBA Consulting.

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