Flood Risk Management of Rochdale and Littleborough Property Level Surveys and Property Level Protection


On 26 December 2015, Rochdale and Littleborough experienced high levels of rainfall from Storm Eva that resulted in the Rivers Roch, Spodden and Beal rising to historically high levels.  As flood defences and highway drains were overwhelmed, homes and businesses were inundated by rising floodwater.


Working with Rochdale Council, the Environment Agency and Caribou, we have now surveyed over 300 residential and commercial properties with a view to installing property level measures to help manage future flooding.  As well as streetscape improvements in Rochdale’s town centre, resilience and resistance measures have been identified for each property.  These measures are designed to lessen flood damage internally and to manage it externally.


The scheme has also informed residents about signing up to the Environment Agency’s flood warning service for the Upper River Irwell catchment which provides flood alerts and a more specifically a flood warning service for the River Roch in Rochdale.  It is essential all property owners sign up to receive flood warnings during a flood event, to provide them with time to respond and prepare the flood mitigation measures.

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  • Christine Cartledge

    I would like to know if the land behind Glen View and Gale on Todmorden Road Littleborough OL15
    Has been designated for flood defence

    • Sophie Bunker

      Hi Christine, thanks for getting in touch.

      We are aware that Rochdale Borough Council are considering flood mitigation measures throughout Rochdale. However, consideration of wider flood mitigation falls outside the scope of our property resilience work for the council and we are unfortunately unable to comment further. We would recommend that you contact Rochdale Borough Council directly with your question via their customer services team – http://www.rochdale.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/contact-us

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