Coastal Flood Risk Assessment – Islay, Inner Hebrides


We were commissioned to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment for a former distillery on the island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides. The proposal included the re-development of existing buildings alongside areas of proposed new construction. A Flood Risk Assessment identifies the potential risk of flooding to a development site as well as considering how your site may affect potential flooding elsewhere. For this site on the island of Islay, flood risk was assessed from all sources with a particular focus on coastal, fluvial and surface water.


Fluvial risk to the site was considered from two weir-controlled offtake channels from the distillery pond, as well as the potential for the blockage of a series of culverts located along the length of these channels. Overland flow from the upper catchment, which had historically resulted in flooding to the area was assessed, and consultation made with the local council on a surface water scheme proposed for the area. The analysis of coastal flood risk included the calculation of still water levels, joint probability analysis, nearshore wave calculations and wave runup.


The Flood Risk Assessment provided a recommended finished floor level for the development, as well as discussing property resistance and resilience measures, and safe routes of access and egress to the site.

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Email Nicola Buckley for more information on this project, or you can visit our Coastal Flood Risk Assessment webpages. You may also be interested in our coastal flood modelling and forecasting web pages.

Did you know we have also carried out several water resource projects at distillery sites in Scotland? For example at the Torabhaig Distillery in Skye which included a surface water resource study and a desk based assessment using LowFlows2. Visit our water resources services for Scotland distilleries blog to find out more.

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