Flood Resilience – Bewdley, Worcestershire


During September 2014, the Environment Agency reviewed the use of the temporary barrier on the Beales Corner side of the river in Bewdley. The barrier provides low level and limited flood protection to 19 properties. In a larger flood event, water will exceed the barrier and flood nearby properties. Property-level Protection (PLP) has been proposed as a viable option for enhancing flood protection to a greater number of properties.


PLP offers an innovative and effective new response which ‘plugs the gap’ that previously existed between engineered flood protection schemes and sandbags. This approach aims to help build improved flood resilience by empowering the person to help protect their property from flood water. We have been appointed by the EA to undertake the independent, individual property flood risk assessments. These identify the levels and sources of flood risk; potential ingress routes for floodwater; and a range of outline options aimed at limiting the impact and damage from future flood events.


Through the involvement of local partners, a multi-agency approach was adopted to improve local resilience and enhanced household flood risk management. With drainage and PLP resistance solutions agreed, the town council and local flood group can work in unison to create accurate, informed flood plans on an individual and local basis.

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