Improving fish passage for Natural Resources Wales

We have recently been appointed to deliver two pieces of work for Natural Resources Wales (NRW) that will benefit fish populations in the country. The appointments were made through the National Procurement Service (NPS) Construction Consultancy Infrastructure framework, which is open to all public bodies in Wales.

Improving fish passage

The first piece of work will see us undertake an appraisal of options for improving fish passage on a weir associated with a working fish farm and fishery. It is located in the Dee and Llyn Tegid Special Area of Conservation on the Afon Ceiriog River. On reaching agreement on the passage solution we will develop a detailed structural design of the passage facility. A low maintenance screen will also be developed to prevent entrainment of fish into an adjacent leat (an open watercourse conducting water to a mill) that feeds a nearby fish farm.

Water Framework Directive (WFD)

The objective of the second piece of work is to qualitatively describe the foregone environmental and social benefits, due to a loss of migratory fish, as a result of not achieving the objectives of the WFD in rivers and estuaries in Wales.

Activities, such as new developments or any in/near river works, need to adhere to the WFD. However, exceptions can be made if the benefits of adhering to the WFD are outweighed by the benefits of the proposed activity (assessed using what is called a Test C). It does so by focusing on the benefits to the environment and society versus the benefits of the activity for sustainable development. This work will start to help NRW place a qualitative value on migratory fish populations, and therefore help in the determination of any Test C assessments in the future.

Want to know more?

For more information on the NPS Framework, please email George Baker, Technical Director at our Newport office or
call 01633413514.

For more information on our fish pass and screening design capabilities please email Dr David Mould or call 01274 714269.

You can also find out more on our Fisheries and Environmental Services web pages.

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