Digital Series – Exploring current topics in flood hydrology

We’re excited to announce the second webinar in our new digital series introducing current topics from across the flood risk and environment management industry.

This series of webinars is being presented by our in-house technical specialists from across JBA, who will be sharing their expertise and experience in these areas.

Registration is FREE and we look forward to welcoming you to these events!

Digital Series – Flood Risk and Environment Management

Webinar 2:       Exploring current topics in flood hydrology.

When:               12:30 – 13:00. Wednesday 13 January 2021.

Registration:   FREE. Click here to register for this event.

Webinar 2:  Current topics in flood hydrology

The second webinar in our new digital series will introduce some current topics in flood hydrology. We will start to explore some typical questions which practicing hydrologists are faced with, focusing on the UK context. Some are much more straightforward to answer than others.   

Duncan Faulkner, Head of Hydrology, will lead you through our second webinar covering questions such as: 

  • Are big floods happening more often? 
  • If so, what are the implications for design of flood defences? 
  • How can we know whether natural flood management is effective? 
  • Just how big can a flood get? 
  • Is it true that a 100-year flood happens every year? 
  • Q&A 

We’d love to hear from you, so there’ll be a Question and Answer session at the end of the webinar. 

About the presenter

Duncan Faulkner is our Head of Hydrology. He has 26 years of professional experience both in research and consultancy in the UK, Ireland and around the world. Duncan has contributed to two national procedures for flood frequency estimation: the Flood Estimation Handbook (UK) and the Flood Studies Update (Ireland). He has pioneered the development and application of innovative methods in flood hydrology. He has also worked on flood studies worldwide including developing flood maps for Australia and Canada, and investigating dam safety in Myanmar. Duncan enjoys capacity building through developing practitioner guidance and running training. 

 How do I join? 

Click here to register FREE for this digital event. 

When: 12:30 – 13:00. Wednesday 13 January. 

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