ExCeL London Flood Response Plan


We were asked to develop a Flood Response Plan for the ExCeL London site, located in East London on the northern quay of the Royal Victoria Dock.

This large site, occupying approximately 0.4km2 of land, comprises several buildings with a risk of flooding. The largest of these is the international exhibition and conference centre, which frequently hosts large events – such as The X Factor final in December 2017, World Travel Market and MCM Comic Con – and has been visited by over 28 million people since it opened in 2000.

Most of the remaining buildings, as well as a large portion of the land, is leased and comprises of hotels, restaurants, cafes, offices, residential accommodation, a police station, a nursery and many more.

The site is well defended from fluvial and tidal flood risk from the River Thames and other tributaries. However, a Flood Response Plan was required due to the residual risk which would arise if the defences were breached, and to manage the response to other sources of flooding such as surface water.

The focus of this Flood Response Plan was purely the exhibition centre, although it was also a requirement to raise the flood awareness and resilience of all those on site.


Although the Flood Response Plan was only developed for the exhibition and conference centre, it was agreed with the client that a one-page document would be developed for distribution to all the other businesses on site, including the 24 located within the exhibition and conference centre itself.

The detailed Flood Response Plan included:

  • Information on the flood sources and risks
  • Flood risk planning and monitoring activities
  • Available flood warning services
  • Triggers for implementing the plan
  • Actions to take once the plan is triggered
  • General considerations regarding awareness raising, on-site containment and evacuation.

The one-page document for distribution to the other businesses on site included a general overview of the flood sources and risks, and the actions to take to prepare for flooding. Such actions included developing detailed flood response plans and registering to receive free flood warnings. Furthermore, an explanation of the flood warning codes was provided to inform the businesses of the meaning and severity of the codes.


“The Flood Response Plan carried out by JBA Consulting was of excellent quality from start to finish. Quick replies to emails and great on-site advice resulted in a finished product to a very good standard” commented Tim Byrne, Health and Safety Advisor at ExCeL London.

Working with the client and recommending solutions, we were able to meet their needs and support their plans to prepare London’s largest event space for a flood emergency. As well as developing an effective Flood Response Plan, we were also able to raise awareness and increase the resilience of local flood risks amongst the other businesses on site.

The Flood Response Plan is a key tool to effectively manage the preparedness and resilience of business operations before and during a flood event, and the flood safety of all those who visit and work at the centre.

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