EWTOPs (Energy and Water Technology Optimisation Services) and the Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre Energy Audit

Our EWTOPs team provides a holistic approach based on scientific and technical evidence derived from real life calculations. They have recently conducted an energy audit in the Peak District, at the Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre.


Lockerbrook Outdoor Centre believed they had high heating fuel and electricity bills and were considering solar panels to reduce their fuel costs. Consequently, they were looking to understand their energy usage to determine ways to increase their energy efficiency and avoid any ‘eco-bling’, ensuring their actions were based upon technical evidence.


We modelled their building energy profiles, and determined a breakdown of energy allocations within the buildings, focusing on heating and hot water generation. These profiles were compared with the actual energy consumption to determine the organisation’s existing level of energy efficiency. Differences between modelled and actual energy consumption were found to be largely due to an increased number of air changes per hour.


Our modelling showed that realistic reductions in air changes per hour would increase energy efficiency the most, avoiding large investment in ‘eco-bling’. For example, some of the solutions recommended to reduce air changes per hour could allow Lockerbrook to reduce heating bills by 35%. By finding and understanding their existing level of energy efficiency, we recommend solutions to further increase energy efficiency that included: heating controls, de-stratification fans and automatic air vents. Finally, we also conducted a quick feasibility study of solar hot water and solar PV panels.

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