Evidence Report for the Third UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

Location: UK                                                                        Client: UK Climate Change Committee


The UK Government is required, under the 2008 Climate Change Act, to publish a climate change risk assessment (CCRA) every five years. This assessment sets out the risks and opportunities facing the UK from climate change and provides the evidence base to inform Government-led national adaptation programmes. The first risk assessment was published in 2012, the second in 2017 and the third is due in 2022.

The UK Climate Change Committee (CCC) has a legal duty to advise Government on the climate change risk assessment and in 2016 they prepared their second risk assessment.  The UK Government’s third CCRA (known as CCRA3) is due to be published in 2022.


The Climate Change Committee has commissioned a UK Climate Risk Independent Assessment which will be published in June 2021 and will inform UKCCRA3. The University of Exeter led a consortium of experts who prepared the ‘technical chapters’ for the Evidence Report for CCRA3. Rachel Brisley, JBA’s Climate Resilience Lead, was appointed as co-author of Chapter 5 which covers Health, Communities and the Built Environment, along with Dr Sari Kovats, Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health, Environments and Society at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Chapter 5 covers aspects such as the impact of overheating on health, flood risk to communities and buildings, the long term viability of coastal communities and the impacts of climate change on cultural heritage. Other chapters address climate impacts for the natural environment, infrastructure, business and international dimensions.

The Evidence Report involves assessing current climate risks, future risks resulting from climate change using UKCP18 projections and published literature, reviewing current adaptation and then identifying any adaptation shortfall and priorities for action for the next five years. These priorities then help to inform the next National Adaptation Programmes across the UK.


The climate change risk assessment is a legal requirement and the Independent Assessment plays a key role in informing the assessment regarding the key risks and likely impacts. The Assessment also has a more widespread use in providing Government departments, national agencies, local authorities, businesses and the public with information on the current understanding of current and future climate risks that can then inform regional, local and sectoral climate change risk assessments and adaptation plans.

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For more information about this project and how we’re currently supporting CCRA3 email Rachelle Ngai.

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