Our Engineering teams are recruiting!

2020 was a busy year for our engineering teams, and 2021 is shaping up to be equally busy. We are looking to recruit right across our engineering offices in JBA Consulting and JBA Bentley.

We’re looking for civil, structural, geotechnical and MEICA engineers to join our teams in Scotland, Wales and England.

If you want to join a growing, thriving business, take look at the engineering opportunities available on our Careers webpage.

You can also email David Bassett, Director, JBA Consulting, for further information.

Engineering experiences

For our second blog exploring engineering opportunities at JBA, we’ve been chatting with some of our engineering colleagues about their experiences on a wide variety of projects across the company.


Douglas Scoular, Civil Engineer, Edinburgh office.

I am an engineer with JBA Consulting, having spent over 4 years at the company and joining straight out of university as a Graduate engineer. JBA is a great company if you want to get involved in a wide range of projects whilst also gaining early exposure to responsibility on those projects. It didn’t take long before I was talking and presenting in client calls.

I have been involved in both the hydraulic modelling side of projects as modeller and designer for optioneering of flood defences, and am now carrying out the majority of the design and project management work on new debris screens. I’ve also spent time on detailed design of a large flood protection scheme and been involved in all phases of a project from concept through to design.


Callum Hanson, Geotechnical Engineer, Newcastle office

Hello, I’m Callum and my role as a Geotechnical Engineer at JBA involves a wide range of office-based work and site supervision. My office-based tasks include collecting and reviewing online site information, preparing and assessing ground investigation documents, and carrying out design of geotechnical structures such as flood embankments, coastal defences, railway cuttings and bridge foundations. As part of site works, I am responsible for undertaking site walkovers, supervising ground investigations, and providing geotechnical advice during construction.

In 2019, I was on site to supervise a ground investigation for a major flood defence scheme. The scheme involved the construction of a new set back defence that would provide additional flood protection and new habitat for wildlife.  The ground investigation comprised Cone Penetration Testing, Cable Percussive Boreholes as well as Slit Trenching. The main purpose of the works was to determine the suitability of the soil on site for use in construction. The ground investigation identified an area of soil suitable to build the new defences and saved the need to import large quantities of construction materials.

Recently I have been co-ordinating ground investigation works and detailed design of a new Mine Water Treatment Scheme (MWTS) on behalf of the Coal Authority. The new MWTS will pump water from the old coal mines into settling lagoons where the heavy metals will precipitate, producing clean water at the end of the process. I am working closely with the JBA Civil Engineering, Contaminated Land and Environment Teams as well as JN Bentley Ltd. to deliver the scheme.

Geotechnical engineering

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You can learn more about our engineering work here.  Find all our latest engineering vacancies on our Careers webpage.

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