e:Mission is the Environment Agency’s (EA) Environmental and Sustainability strategy which sets out how it intends to reduce its carbon footprint by 2020. This is in direct response to Government and European targets for tackling climate change.

The EA has reviewed its own environmental impact and established that 70% of this is caused by its supply chain. As a result, the EA has extended the scope of its strategy to include suppliers and has challenged them to reduce their impact by 20%. As a WEM Lot 4 supplier, JBA Bentley must demonstrate that we are achieving specific targets which include:

  • Reducing construction carbon by 40%
  • Reducing our overall environmental impact by 20%
  • Ensuring 85% of our aggregates are from a recycled source
  • Ensuring 95% of our construction waste is reused or recycled.


We have implemented a JBA Bentley initiative to embed low carbon practice into our culture and are working with our project teams and across the wider business to achieve this. We have many examples of positive practice, but we need to ensure that carbon is considered at all stages, that we capture our decision making, and that we actively share our learning. This will help us provide clear evidence to the EA.

To achieve this, we are:

  • Updating our Quality, Environment and Safety procedures to embed sustainability within our operations
  • Using carbon management tools to choose and develop sustainable solutions that adopt a lifecycle approach
  • Identifying sustainability risks and opportunities for carbon reduction
  • Providing training sessions to inform our staff – e.g. carbon calculation
  • Taking a lead, collating evidence and disseminating best practice within JBA Bentley and extending this to our parent organisations, the EA and to wider industry.


The most obvious benefit of the scheme is reducing our impact on the environment by significantly reducing our carbon emissions, waste and virgin aggregate use. Carbon efficiency usually equates to cost efficiency. This will improve the competitiveness of our tenders, our reputation and encourage repeat business. As we will be competing for inclusion on the EA’s framework renewal next year, this work will strengthen our case.

Want to know more?

For more information on this project contact Angie McKinney or Jenny Broomby. You can also find out more on our Engineering and Environmental web pages, or on the JBA Bentley website.

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