Ellesmere Sand & Gravel Quarry, Wood Lane, Shropshire

After an initial objection by Natural England, Tudor Griffiths commissioned us to review their planning application for an extension to their sand and gravel quarry to allow for its future operation.


The plans were under scrutinisation by Welshampton and Lyneal Parish Council and Shropshire Wildlife Trust, they feared expansion would have a negative impact on the nearby Colemere Country Heritage site. Local residents also gave objections towards the proposals, with concerns that it would the natural rural outlook of the land and that is was one of the most beautiful unspoiled areas of Shropshire.


The assessment required the design of intrusive site investigations, detail vegetation surveys and ongoing groundwater monitoring to develop an eco-hydrological conceptual model of the site and surrounding receptors.  The assessment identified that the initial proposals for future extraction of mineral resources could have significant impacts on a neighbouring valley mire and SAC designated lake due to changes in groundwater levels and drainage routes caused by quarrying.


As a result, we developed a series of mitigation measures which allowed the resubmitted application to receive planning approval. This will allow the quarry to continue to operate while options for longer term extraction can be evaluated.

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