Degree level apprentices join our team in Scotland

We’ve recently taken on two degree level apprentices in our Scotland offices. David Anderson has joined us in Glasgow and Matthew Morrison is now part of our Edinburgh team.

Both appointments build upon our existing successful record of apprentices across many skill levels. Our continued growth reinforces our drive to be a top-class interdisciplinary consultancy firm in the flood consultancy sector and highlights our commitment to recruiting high performing candidates across all levels of the company.

‘Graduate apprenticeships are unique: offering a high level of academic and industry accreditation, combined with experience in the workplace.’ – Skills Development Scotland.

So, who better to introduce our new apprentices then themselves. Find out more about David and Matthew below.

David Anderson

JBA David Anderson - one of our Degree Apprentices
David Anderson Degree Apprentice

Having joined JBA less than four weeks ago, I look forward to embarking on my journey of becoming a fully qualified civil engineer and receiving a BEng degree. Joining the company as a graduate apprentice, I will be attending Heriot Watt University on a Friday afternoon to work towards a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering.

Learning about JBA throughout my application and interview process I knew straight away that I really wanted this job and to be part of the great work JBA does for its clients and the environment. It felt like it was a step in the right direction for me and my career. The benefit of being able to learn in the workplace and take on challenges every day whilst further expanding my skills at university is an offer anyone would be willing to take.

Having come into the office with no experience of this type of work before, not knowing anyone and not knowing what lies ahead, I was apprehensive at first. But now just short of a month down the line, I am very happy here. Everyone here in the Glasgow office is extremely friendly and has made me feel more than welcome.

Each day I face a new challenge which is what I love about this job. I enjoy learning new skills and then putting those skills to the test.

I have always taken an interest in civil engineering since an engineer came to my school to talk to us about the industry on careers day. From that day on, I knew what kind of industry I wanted to work in. Subjects like maths and physics were big favourites of mine because I love to problem solve and use my initiative to get things done.

Hopefully, other companies will see the benefits of the degree level apprenticeship programme and start introducing them like JBA have done because there are benefits for everyone. It is a great opportunity that myself and Matthew have been given and we intend on taking full advantage of it.

Matthew Morrison

JBA Matthew Morrison - one of our Degree Apprentices
Matthew Morrison Degree Apprentice

I will be joining David every Friday to attend classes at Heriot Watt University and get help from my tutor to work towards a Batchelors degree in Civil Engineering. I joined JBA because I knew that being an apprentice civil engineer would suit my learning style more than going to university full time. I felt that the benefits of working for here would give me greater challenges every day to expand on my current skill set.

By studying and learning in the workplace, I feel both myself and David have the best of both worlds. In completing this course, we can learn things about civil engineering which are not included as much in this job as it might be in other jobs, so we are getting the whole scope of the industry and not just the specific work JBA do.

I think the 80% work and the 20% study routine will be very beneficial for us because as just now, we only know how to do certain things and understand very little about why and how things are done. So, by studying, it allows us to understand everything and it will become clearer and easier for us.

I am really looking forward to completing challenges that I get from others around me in the Edinburgh office and working hard to get them finished before any deadlines that are set for me. Everyone here is extremely friendly and have made me feel more than welcome.

Want to know more?

Here at JBA we don’t offer jobs, we offer careers. When anyone joins, we commit to their development as much as they do. Our culture promotes drive and innovation and we believe that learning and development is key to that.

Every employee has a generous training budget and plan, giving staff the time and money needed to develop in the areas most important to them.

If you’re interested in joining the JBA team take a look at our careers web page.

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