Jeremy Benn attends British Dam Society conference

The 2018 British Dam Society conference takes place this week in Swansea. Jeremy Benn, JBA Group Executive Chairman, is attending to join the conversation around smart dams and reservoirs which is the conference’s main theme. Topics to be covered include:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Changing functions of reservoirs
  • Advanced techniques in geotechnical investigations
  • Emergency preparedness
  • New solutions and techniques
  • Smart dam construction.

Lower Bretton Dam: Ensuring function while protecting heritage

Andrew Olland, Senior Civil Engineer, submitted a synopsis alongside Mr Fovargue from Wakefield Council, around the construction of Lower Bretton dam for delegates to review.

Completed in 1782, the dam forms an amenity lake in the grounds of the Bretton Hall estate and impounds a reservoir which is the lower of a cascade of two. The River Dearne flows past the two reservoirs in a substantial channel on the left bank. All except extreme floods bypass the reservoirs and flow down a large, Grade II listed, masonry cascade routed down the left mitre of the lower dam. The right-hand wall of the masonry cascade supports the toe of the dam embankment.

A Reservoirs Act Section 10 inspection in 2012 identified a number of measures to be taken in the interests of safety. The most important were related to substantial damage to the masonry cascade and concerns with the spillway flood discharge capacity. The inspecting engineer recommended emergency repairs to the cascade together with a new flood study and physical modelling to more accurately assess the hydraulic performance of the dam.

Andrew’s paper describes the approach to the design and construction of the remedial works to this high?risk reservoir. These included sympathetic modifications to the approaches of the main and auxiliary overflows to improve the discharge characteristics, reconstruction of the cascade wall, and repair of the masonry cascade. The paper also sets out the construction challenges faced during the abnormally wet winter of 2015? 16.

Want to know more?

Email Andrew Olland for more information on the Lower Bretton dam and to get a copy of his full paper. You can also find out more on our work in this area on our dams and reservoirs web page.

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