Creating Opportunities – Meet our new Directors

Being an independently owned company gives us the freedom to look longer term and to make choices independent of a distant investors interests. Our Directors are responsible for setting that long term view – the vision – for JBA’s future and for reviewing progress against our strategy and the company goals that take us there.

At JBA our Directors are integral to the implementation of these company goals and are actively engaged in project work too. Far more perhaps than in most other organisations. We believe this is important. It ensures Directors remain engaged and aware. And it is important to, for a Director’s own continued professional development.

Altogether, the qualities it takes, and what it means to be a Director at JBA, is integral to our culture and critical to the delivery of our ambition “to lead in the pursuit of resilience to climate change”.

At JBA, we believe in creating opportunities for our people and as three Directors step down to concentrate on other roles within the business, we are pleased to announce that long serving “JBA’ers”, Gareth Mills, Ellie Charles and Tony Moran have now joined our company Board of Directors.

Gareth Mills

When Gareth joined JBA he was instrumental to our opening of a new office, creating a new team and building a JBA presence in East Anglia. He also took on the technical role of Design Manager in the south for our JBA-Bentley joint venture!

Within a short, four year period, we grew an office from scratch to over 50 people, established a reputation for quality and delivery with key clients in the region and delivered a successful programme of work for the Environment Agency. Most notable was the success of the Anglian Asset Refurbishment Programme of Works – a £32M package of over 160 schemes.

More recently, Gareth has taken on duties around commercial management and financial performance across JBA Consulting. Ensuring that whilst we evolve and deliver on our strategy, we continue to perform as a business, in order to guarantee that we can still make space for the things that are important to us, such as investing in our people and making time for innovation.

Gareth’s background is in Civil Engineering and he is a Chartered Civil Engineer with the Institution of Civil Engineers. He also enjoys innovation and relishes the opportunity to find different ways of working and new efficiencies.

My time at JBA Consulting has delivered exactly on what I had searched for from an employer. The culture and values of the people I work with and of JBA as a whole are perfectly aligned with my own. Consequently, I feel an immense sense of attachment to JBA. I have had the opportunity to contribute to the 5-Year company Strategy – something I feel passionate about and am ready to see delivered.

I am especially proud of our commitment to reach Net-Zero and as a new Director I’m keen to get started and play my part in helping us achieve this target. We have a great team at JBA with an incredible strength and depth of technical knowledge and skills. I feel honoured to be part of the team responsible for its direction and success.

Ellie Charles

As a post-graduate, Ellie was advised to “take the job at JBA and you’ll never be bored”.  It proved excellent advice and since 2006 Ellie has built her professional career at JBA Consulting.

Beginning as a hydraulic modeller and hydrologist in our head office in Skipton, Ellie grew both her technical and leadership skills, supported by colleagues and developing alongside long-standing clients too. Through the opportunities presented to her and through her own hard work and determination Ellie has successfully balanced the development of technical expertise alongside people and team management.

Ellie is now JBA’s framework manager for the Environment Agency’s Mapping and Modelling Framework. She is also a member of our management team covering the north of England and Scotland.

Ellie takes pride in actively supporting career development within JBA. She provides mentoring for professional membership, contributes to JBA’s graduate scheme and delivers technical training.

As a Director, Ellie is excited and looking forward to leading the delivery of our company strategy  – continuing to drive skills development, and preserving the values that make JBA different and special.

I am passionate about JBA – its feel as an organisation, its continued success and the great people I work with. There is always something new to learn and that’s what makes each day exciting.

Tony Moran

Tony is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers with over 30 years of engineering experience and has led the design of major engineering projects in the UK and overseas. Tony has been at JBA for over ten years now. In a senior leadership role, he helped establish our JBA Bentley joint venture and latterly lead our regional teams in the east of England.

Tony has been integral to the growth of JBA Bentley into a £50m business. From 2018, Tony was the Design Director for JBA Bentley. He played a leading role in embracing and embedding new ways of working across JBA Bentley and wider JBA –  such as BIM, safety reporting, digital delivery and developing a low carbon culture. He has built a reputation with clients for his can-do attitude and working collaboratively to deliver successful projects.

Tony will now step down from the role of Design Director at JBA Bentley, to focus on his new responsibilities as a Director of JBA. He brings a wealth of experience to this new appointment. He is a mentor for engineers in their early careers years and is focussed on the growth and development of our people. His ambition is to “bring JBA’s strategy to life and keep JBA at the forefront of climate change resilience”.

I’ve been a Director of our JBA Bentley joint venture company and held positions of responsibility in JBA Consulting for a number of years. So I’m hoping to bring this experience to my new role.  It is an honour to be asked to be part of the team that directs the business, and my aim is to continue the great work done to date and help to improve what we do even more.

We face many challenges in supporting our clients’ needs in this changing world – JBA has always stepped up to these challenges and I will play my part in ensuring we do so in my Director role.

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