Cray Wanderers Football Club environmental statement and planning application

Client: Brouard Architects Limited
Location: Chislehurst, Bromley


We were commissioned by Brouard Architects Limited, on behalf of Cray Wanderers Football Club (CWFC) to prepare an environmental statement and planning application for a mixed-use development. The proposal consisted of a 1,300-capacity stadium, two new community 3G sports pitches, the reinstatement and relocation of three existing grass football pitches, as well as a bar, changing rooms, classrooms, gym and museum at the Flamingo Park site, Sidcup By-Pass Road, Chislehurst.

To help fund this scheme, two four-storey blocks with 28 two-bedroom flats were also proposed as enabling development. The land had a complex planning, appeal and enforcement history. This was compounded by the requirement for input from multiple parties to address the Local Planning Authority’s (LPA) reservations about the development proposals. The site was subject to a number of constraints, most notably being green belt and previously developed land.


The team engaged with the LPA’s Case Officer, the councillors, and other statutory consultees including the Lead Local Flood Authority and Mayor of London among others. Our multi-disciplinary team then went on to prepare and deliver the following documents to support the full planning application.

This included;

  • Environmental Impact Statement
  • Viability Assessment
  • Town Centre Impact Assessment
  • Alternative Site Assessment
  • Statement of Community Involvement and Impact
  • Community Access Statement
  • Sporting Needs Assessment
  • Land Quality Assessment
  • Visual Impact Statement
  • Open Space Assessment
  • Noise Assessment
  • Air Quality Assessment
  • Lighting Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water Drainage Strategy
  • Foul Sewage and Utilities Assessment
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
  • Arboricultural Assessment
  • Landscape Management Plan
  • Sustainability and Energy Statement
  • Site Waste Management Plan

The key planning principle relevant to the development was the protection of the Green Belt from inappropriate development due to its location. We proved the acceptability of the proposal according to local, regional and national policy with a focused planning argument around:

  • Providing appropriate facilities for outdoor sport and recreation
  • Representing limited infilling of previously developed sites (brownfield land)
  • Preserving the openness of the Green Belt
  • Not conflicting with the purposes of including land within the Green Belt


Following the delivery of all supporting documentation and subsequent consultation with associated third parties, the London Borough of Bromley Development Control Committee approved the scheme on 19th of April 2016. Following the Mayor’s direction, the Secretary of State ‘called-in’ the planning application to be determined at planning inquiry in March 2017. Bromley Council’s Development Control Committee were granted planning approval by Bromley Councillors (which was further given the go-ahead by the Mayor in November 2018) for the application to build a new ground, community facilities and affordable housing on the site. The development brought substantial community benefit by redeveloping a poor-quality site and returning sporting use, access and recreation when there was a lack of alternative options for the site. It also provided a permanent home for Cray Wanderers Football Club.

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