Cotting Burn Flood Dam and Lowford Bridge Tree Poles


The project has involved the detailed design of a Category A flood storage dam on Cotting Burn, a tributary to the River Wansbeck that is culverted through the town of Morpeth, downstream of the dam site. Historically blockage of these downstream culverts has caused flooding from Cotting Burn. The second site is a large tree pole screen comprising 7 No. 711mm diameter steel tree pole piles (~5.5m high) located on the River Wansbeck.


The purpose of the dam is two-fold; firstly to attenuate the peak of the 100-year flood event while also catching debris at the dam site, reducing the risk of blockage downstream. Tree poles across the River Wansbeck are designed to catch large debris to prevent the blockage of bridges through the town.


Ecological constraints such as White-Clawed-Crayfish, Otters and Badgers have dictated a tight ecological timeframe for construction and has had a strong influence on working methods and the adopted design. Timely delivery of planning permissions, highways agreements and other consents were also a key part of the pre-construction works; utilising a range of skills across JBA.

Updates during the construction phase can be found on the Environment Agency’s Morpeth Twitter Feed (@MorpethScheme).

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