Climate resilience: international efforts for a global problem

JBA at COP24 - John with big conference sign
John Bevington enjoying COP24

Martin Williams, Technical Director for Marine and Coastal, and John Bevington, Technical Director for Disaster Risk Management, are exhibiting in the UK Pavilion at the UN Climate Conference (COP24) from 3-7 December.

Working with the Department for International Trade (DIT), Martin and John are presenting in the plenary area of the UK Pavilion on Friday 7 from 13:00 – 14:30. The first presentation will focus on our climate resilience work, the second on our involvement with the Copernicus project and the role of ForeCoast® Marine and the third focuses on Flood Foresight.

Drawing on a range of international case study examples, the session will explore the approaches used to increase the resilience of communities, businesses, infrastructure and the environment to present and future climate impacts.

JBA at COP24 - Martin at UK clean growth stand
COP24 – Martin at the UK Clean Growth stand

Key strands include:

  • Awareness raising and capacity building
  • Risk assessment
  • Adaptation planning
  • Adaptation actions

The session will comprise of three 20-minute presentations with 10 minutes for questions at the end of each presentation.

  • 13:00 – 13:20: Climate resilience: international efforts for a global problem with John Bevington
  • 13:20 – 13:30: Q&A
  • 13:30 – 13:50: Braced for the storm? Part I: Insights into the impact and mitigation of climate on current and future marine operations with Martin Williams
  • 13:50 – 14:00: Q&A
  • 14:00 – 14:20: Braced for the storm? Part II: Innovative approaches for effective flood foresight with John Bevington
  • 14:20 – 14:30: Q&A

ForeCoast® Marine

JBA Forecoast® Marine
Forecoast® Marine

When working in the marine environment, the harsh and often extreme metocean conditions can have a substantial impact on the lifetime cost and associated health and safety risks of a project if not carefully understood and managed.

To help minimise these risks, our Metocean Risk Management team has developed a range of advanced metocean risk management techniques. These techniques are delivered using our sophisticated metocean forecasting and planning tool – ForeCoast® Marine.

Visit for more information and to request a free demo.

Flood Foresight

JBA Flood Foresight Logo
Flood Foresight Logo

Flood Foresight is a globally-scalable operational system providing data on rainfall severity, flood inundation footprints and depth, and flood impacts.

These datasets are updated at up to three hours’ frequency and allow rapid loss estimation for current and forecast flood states, supporting decision-making before, during and after major flood events.

Visit for more information.

Want to know more?

Email Martin Williams or John Bevington for more information on their presentations. You can also find out more on our climate resilience web pages.

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