Climate change surface water flood mapping

We are pleased to announce that we have significantly extended the geographical extent and range of modelled scenarios for our climate change surface water flood maps, based on current Environment Agency guidance for different rainfall intensity uplifts for the 2080s.

Through local Community Resilience Pathfinder initiatives, Defra Boosting Action on Surface Water grants to Lead local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) and commissions from the utilities sector, we have updated a significant proportion of the mapping to allow our clients to understand where their assets, infrastructure, homes and businesses are most susceptible to future increase in surface water flood risk.

Coverage of updated modelled scenarios
Coverage of updated modelled scenorios

We appreciate that one product doesn’t ‘fit all’ and so we have worked with our clients to produce maps which are based on the same underlying methodologies across their geographical remit, allowing a consistent approach to flood risk management, while at the same time producing a product that is fit for their particular guidance / policies.

Typically, there have been three types of updates:

  • (1) Retaining the Risk of Flooding from Surface Water (RoFSW) model set up and applying uplifts to the hydrology to represent future flooding scenarios across a wider geographical area;
  • (2) Applying uplifts to the RoFSW hydrology to represent a wider range of future flooding scenarios and incorporating new or updated model set up data, such as updated ground models, and
  • (3) Updating the RoFSW model input data, for example incorporating local drainage features, and re-running the present-day scenario.

Want to know more?

We will continue to expand our climate change flood mapping coverage. Please email Rosalind Rogers if you would like to know more about how we apply different rainfall intensity uplifts and/or build different topography, land uses and drainage allowances into our models to suit your requirements.

You can also find out more about future surface water flood risk mapping on our webpage.

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