Chartered Geographers at JBA

Here at JBA we support and encourage all our colleagues in their continuing professional development and professional chartership.

We’ve been finding out from Hannah Kellett, JBA Risk Management and Natasha Todd-Burley, JBA Consulting about what it takes to be awarded Chartered status by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

‘Chartered Geographer is the only internationally recognised accreditation for geographers and recognises competence, experience and professionalism in the use of geographical knowledge, skills and understanding in the workplace.’           Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

Hannah Kellett, JBA Risk Management

“I started at JBA as a GIS and Flood Mapping Specialist after graduating from university with a Geography degree. I learnt about the Chartered Geographer accreditation shortly after starting my role and knew it was something I wanted to work towards. I took advantage of JBA’s professional development scheme and became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). You need to be a Fellow to apply for Chartership, but also I was keen to get involved with the society and its wide range of events as soon as I could.

One of the criteria for the application is to submit three years of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) evidence. This requirement encouraged me to be proactive and keep up with my personal development, by getting involved with the RGS (with IBG) events and lectures, attending event conferences or undertaking online courses to learn a new skill. Once you are chartered, you need a submit a CPD log each year, so it’s been a good habit to get into.

It has taken some years to achieve, but gaining the Chartered Geographer accreditation has provided me with a sense of personal achievement and recognition for how I am applying my geographical skills both inside and outside the workplace.”

Natasha Todd-Burley, JBA Consulting

“As a fluvial geomorphologist I carry out various assessments to restore natural river processes and improve, enhance or create riverine wildlife habitats. These studies require the collection, analysis and presentation of geographical data over a range of scales from the local river reach-scale up to entire catchments. I wanted to pursue Chartership to reflect the expertise that I have gained in my career to date and to formalise my commitment to furthering my geographical knowledge, skills and understanding.

The process of applying to become a Chartered Geographer (Geomorph) provided a valuable opportunity to reflect on my progression as a practitioner of geomorphology, and where I would like to focus my career development in the future. The application process includes preparation of several documents, including a Professional Self-Evaluation and Continuing Professional Development Record. The Royal Geographical Society were very helpful, providing a contact who could offer guidance and advice at all stages throughout the application process. Staff members within JBA Consulting were also happy to assist, reading through draft version and providing feedback, as well as being willing to provide me with references.”

Want to know more?

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