Celebrating our 500th Specialist Flood Risk Services report review

We have recently completed our 500th Specialist Flood Risk Service report review, which is a significant milestone after launching our collaborative partnership with Future Climate Info (FCI) in December 2016.

Our Specialist Flood Risk Services (SFRS) developed in collaboration with FCI, help home buyers and commercial property purchasers gain a greater understanding of the risk of flooding to a property. Combining desktop analysis and bespoke, expert advice from our dedicated flood specialists, the review verifies the property’s flood risk or confirms the next steps of action.

Award winning team

In addition to celebrating our 500th report review, our partnership with Future Climate Info (FCI) has been recognised within the industry, winning the CIWEM Team of the Year Award at the CIWEM Tyne and Humber Annual Awards 2019.

The service makes the best use of the specialist skills of each company and offers a unique combination of an environmental search with expert flood analysis from an independent source.

Andrew Gubbin, Director at JBA told us:

JBA has teamed up with FCI to create an affordable range of flood risk solutions for home buyers or commercial property purchasers. Our flood risk maps are licensed for use by FCI, where one of their Environmental Reports identifies a further action concerning flood risk, we provide specialist flood risk advice through our Report Review Service which helps the buyer determine and more thoroughly understand the flood risk. Translating this risk from national mapping to their property footprint and providing peace of mind during what can often be a stressful time.

Tim Champney, FCI Managing Director added:

Property transactions can be a stressful experience for all involved. As such, providing a quick, reliable and affordable solution to manage potential environmental risks is a core part of FCI’s commitment to our customers.  The FCI/JBA report review has proved to be a highly valued offering within our range of solutions, and feedback from clients has demonstrated the comfort which they get from knowing that a Chartered Flood Risk Management professional has reviewed the property

Report Review

The report reviews are the first stage in our suite of specialist flood risk services, which are available for residential and commercial properties, and offer the unique combination of an environmental search with expert flood analysis. It provides a detailed analysis and fully assesses whether the flood risk issue should be of concern or not. As a result of the expert assessment and detailed analysis, the report will show one of two possible outcomes:

SFRS team in action

  • ‘Reduced Risk’ which will be reflected in the certificate issued and should suffice any lender or buyer concerns.
  • ‘Confirmed Risk with Next Steps’ which will clearly identify the level of risk, with additional guidance from FCI-JBA as to which preventative actions clients should take.

Tailored to a range of different circumstances, our full suite of flood risk services provides an affordable next-step solution for purchasers or owners of residential or commercial properties. Where a ‘Further Action’ for flood has been identified, this service offers peace of mind, assists with buying decisions, and facilitates the property transaction.

Want to know more?

For more information on our Specialist Flood Risk Services with FCI please visit www.specialistfloodriskservices.com or email sfrs@jbaconsulting.com.

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