Catgill Wood – 10 years on

In the winter of 2007/08, we planted more than 5,000 tree saplings establishing a four-acre area of woodland known as Catgill Woods.

Now home to an array of bird species and insects, as well as a thick carpet of bluebells that have established under the tree canopy, it’s safe to say Catgill Wood is flourishing.

Highlighting our long-term commitment to sustainability and carbon sequestration, this year marks ten years since some 5,000 saplings were planted.

JBA commits to setting science-based emissions reduction target through the Science Based Targets initiative

In the winter of 2007/08, the JBA team lent a helping hand planting a variety of trees including Birch, Willow, Alder, Hazel, Mountain Ash, Cherry and Holly. Having established nicely, the trees now cover a steep valley of the Broughton Hall Estate and even feature on Ordnance Survey mapping.

Over the years, we’ve not only kept a careful eye on the trees at Catgill Wood, we’ve also maintained our commitment to carbon sequestration by planting even more trees.

Tree Plantin Broughton ParkFollowing our move to a new head office at Broughton Park, in February 2020 we embarked on a project to plant a further 600 trees. It’s hoped in time this new woodland will become home to birds, mammals, insects, and woodland flora, whilst also contributing to carbon capture.

Sustainability remains at the heart of everything we do at JBA and we’re committed to taking meaningful action to minimise our climate impacts. As part of this we’re measuring our full carbon footprint with the Group-wide objective of becoming a Net Zero business by 2030.

Want to know more?

For more information about our sustainability goals visit our Environmental Sustainability page or email Group Sustainability Manager, David Revill.

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