Caol and Lochy Flood Protection Scheme

Working with The Highland Council we are promoting the Caol and Lochy Flood Protection Scheme. A multi-disciplinary team of engineers, flood modellers and landscape architects across our Edinburgh, Glasgow and Saltaire offices have been preparing material to support the Council in publishing the formal Flood Protection Scheme Notice.

A public meeting was held on the 16 May at the Caol Community Centre for members of the community to give their thoughts and opinions of the scheme. Working with our partners at 3D Drawing Office we prepared a fly through animation of the scheme which was shown at the event as well as the scheme drawings and illustrative display boards.

“A great success, the event allowed the public to discuss the proposed plans giving a wider view point of how the scheme will effect both the community and the natural environment surrounding it” commented David Bassett, Director.

We also illustrated the benefit of the flood defences using the JBA Trust wave tank. The Notice period for interested parties to object to or lodge support for the scheme ran from 30 April to 28 May 2018.

Response to flooding

Caol and Lochyside lie to the north of the River Lochy confluence with Loch Linnhe. These areas have historically been subject to flooding from both tidal and fluvial sources, with the last significant flood event occurring in 2005 from a storm surge in Loch Linnhe combined with relatively high flows in the River Lochy.

In response to this historic flooding, The Highland Council commissioned a number of studies to investigate flood risk in this area and to develop an outline Flood Prevention Scheme.

Want to know more?

Email Angus Pettit or visit The Highland Council website for more information on the scheme. You can also find out more on about our work in this area on our flood defence design and flood and water management web pages.

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