Birmingham Flood Risk Assessment


Our Specialist Flood Risk Services (SFRS), developed with Future Climate Info (FCI), help homebuyers and commercial property purchasers gain a greater understanding of the risk of flooding to a property.

In this example, an FCI report for three properties in Birmingham recommended further actions with respect to river and surface water flooding. A Report Review, the initial specialist flood risk service, was commissioned to explore this further.


The review found that the three properties were a block of flats with one ground floor property and the other two on the first and second floor respectively. The block of flats is on a road that slopes down toward the River Rea. The fluvial flood risk was associated with the nearby river. Shallow surface water flooding was also predicted adjacent to the block of flats.

Checks against the Environment Agency’s online maps showed that detailed hydraulic modelling accounting for channel shape and structures had been used to produce the river flood risk maps, as opposed to less accurate broad scale approaches used elsewhere. The Environment Agency’s surface water flood map showed a similar pattern of flooding to that in the FCI report. This provided confidence in the predicted outlines and associated flood depths.

It was concluded that the two upper floor flats will not flood given their higher elevation. Inspection of online photography showed that the ground floor level of the block of flats was raised approximately 450mm above the road level. Based on this information it was evident that the threshold level of the block is above predicted flood levels. However, given the flood risk to the road, flooding will affect access to the flats during an event.


The Report Review concluded that the properties had a reduced risk of flooding to that originally shown in the FCI report. The client therefore had the option to amend the original FCI flood report to reflect this and deduced that no further property resilience measures were needed at the site.

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For more information on this project contact Mark Bentley. You can also find out more on the Specialist Flood Risk Services website or in our previous Specialist Flood Risk Services project overview.

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