JBA team up with Big Property Data to offer Flood Consultancy Service

We have teamed up with Big Property Data to offer homebuyers and commercial property purchasers a range of flood risk solutions to determine and properly understand flood risk.

Within Big Property Data’s Environmental Risk and Flood Reports, they use industry leading flooding data provided by JBA Risk Management to assess the likelihood of flooding. We can offer independent advice on what to do if you have a ‘further action on flood’ within your Big Property Data report.

Tailored to a range of different circumstances, our full suite of flood consultancy services provide an affordable next-step solution for purchasers or owners of residential or commercial properties. Where a further action for flood has been identified, this offers peace of mind, assists with buying decisions, and facilitates the property transaction.

The Flood Consultancy service

Report Review starting at £99+VAT – provides the beneficiary with a specialist flood risk assessment opinion on the issues identified in the Big Property Data report. This provides a bespoke review of the data contributing to the report. This service is targeted at homeowners undertaking a house purchase or sale.

Desktop Review starting at £500+VAT – the Desktop Review uses readily available datasets to provide a more thoroughly informed opinion as to the flood risk, or otherwise, which may impact on the location.  It is intended to provide a more detailed analysis of the site location based on these data and to support a homeowner in determining if a flood risk exists when this cannot be determined with sufficient confidence from the Report Review.

Onsite Risk Assessment starting at £1,000+VAT – a site visit by JBA will identify flood mechanisms, flow paths and local ground conditions that may impact flooding at the property.  The results of the on-site assessment will be presented as a brief report, further validating the understanding of flood risk and, if appropriate, identifying initial opportunities for Property Level Resilience (PLR) measures.

Want to know more?

Visit the Flood Consultancy Services website to find out more or you can email us at floodconsultancyservice@jbaconsulting.com.

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